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Food Gelatin

Food Gelatin 

Gelatin has been used in the food industry for hundreds of years. It is a hydro-colloid, can be easily and fully digestible, and has the unique and essential thermo-reversibility. Functions of gel,foaming,stability and viscosity, etc, these make gelatin hugely popular in food industry. Good taste, protein enrichment and clear labeling are just a few of the trends in the food industry today. Gelatin, as a natural and pure protein, at the same time can replace several mono-functional hydrocolloids in a single application, thereby simplifying formulation and making labels simpler and clearer.

The gelatin we supplied all are safe natural origin and undergo numerous quality control inspections.

☆ Confectionary   ☆ Meats   ☆ Dairy Products & Desserts   ☆ Bakery Products   ☆ Beverages

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    Food Gelatin


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